October 21, 2015 by Ed Coghlan

VIDEO: California affordable housing complex saves residents green while going green

When the California Economic Summit statewide meeting convenes November 12-13 in Ontario, it will address some big challenges facing the California economy.

One of them is the need for one million more homes for low- and middle-income Californians over the next ten years.

Summit participants will consider how to reduce the costs and risks to housing. It will explore new finance tools to lower infrastructure costs and how to streamline approve procedures to reduce carrying costs and uncertainty that plague the housing industry.

What does a solution look like?

The Mutual Housing at Spring Lake complex in Woodland, California was built with federal state and local assistance. The residents, mostly agriculture workers and their families, are ensconsed happily in a community that is working well for them as they pursue the California dream.

CA Fwd’s Angel Cardenas reports:

In addition to California’s housing shortage, the Summit’s regional civic and business leaders will tackle two other vexing problems:

  • The need for one million skilled workers
  • The need to capture one million acre feet of water each year.

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