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Guiding Principles for Restructuring Education

Governor Brown’s budget proposal for Adult Education restores dedicated state funding for the program, limits the use of funding to core instructional areas “such as vocational education, English as a Second Language, elementary and secondary education, and citizenship”, and proposes to reduce duplication
and streamline services by moving responsibility for the Adult Education program from the California Department of Education to the California Community Colleges.

The proposal is an long overdue recognition of a policy arena with important consequences for California’s future. California’s ability to expand the share of students from low- income and unrepresented communities who gain the skills they need to be successful in the labor market may well hold the key to our future. However, the Governors budget addresses only some of the principal policy issues California needs to examine in restructuring its Adult Education program. The EDGE Campaign urges the Governor and the Legislature to consider the guiding principles outlined in this policy brief in their debate over Adult Education reform.