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Southern California Economic Recovery & Job Creation Strategy

Jobs and Southern California's economic recovery are the impetus for local leaders to come together with business and labor leaders in the development of the Southern California Economic Recovery and Job Creation Strategy. The Strategy addresses the issues that must be solved for our region's economy to create jobs and energize economic activity today, in the next five years and over the long term. The approach aims to maximize local control and regional coordination.


  • Identify Southern California advantages for attracting economic development.
  • Preserve current key economic industries and encourage their continued economic viability.
  • Determine key industry and business sectors that present expanded investment potential.
  • Create incentives for more and new lasting businesses that create jobs (including growing region’s innovation growth potential).
  • Identify strategies for encouraging economically stronger communities within the region.
  • Identify strategies for encouraging small businesses to flourish.
  • Ensure incentives for skilled employees that can support businesses such as ensuringavailability of education/training along with dissemination of such resources.
  • Identify strategies to connect people to good jobs.

Benefits for Working Together on a Regional Economic Strategy

  • Vital economic communities.
  • Meaningful employment.
  • Skilled and market paid workforce.
  • Additional business investment to grow local industries. 
  • Improved livability for residents.
  • Reduced reliance on tax revenue to provide social service responsibilities due to higher employment rate.

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