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Thriving Regions Lead to a Thriving State

Strategy report on reviving CA regional economies and creating shared priorities, created by California Stewardship Project:

"Our nation and California have experienced the worse economic downturn since the 1930s. We also are experiencing a crisis of trust in leadership, institutions and communities. The question is how to turn this crisis into an opportunity.

As we recover from the current recession, what will California look like as we reset the economy? In its May 31, 2010 edition, The Economist forecasts a 'rebalancing… from consumption, housing and debt to exports, investment and saving”. The Economist goes on to say, 'With consumers forced to live within their means, American firms will have to sell more to the rest of the world.'

We face a moment to rethink how we will organize our economy, society and communities for the 21st Century and what kind of new economic and social infrastructure will be required to prosper. More specifically, we need to think strategically about how we strengthen California’s export capacity, understanding that California is not one economy but a tapestry of very different regional economies."

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