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Regional Partners: Chico Stewardship Network

The Chico Stewardship Network is working with its key regional partners to leverage the various forums that have occurred over the last several months in and around Butte County to identify and address economic priorities recognized by regional stakeholders.

The North State Economic Stewardship Forum is an opportunity to refine economic priorities in our region, to outline community initiatives surrounding these priorities, and to identify champions who are carrying these initiatives forward.

Counties represented: Butte, Sutter, Glenn, Tehama, Colusa, Yuba, Plumas

Regional Snapshot:

View a Next 10 snapshot of the Butte area's key demographic and economic trends, including population demographics, education attainment, household income, employment change by industry, unemployment levels, and job gains and losses.

Summit Butte Region Briefing Book


Regional Forum Stories:

Road to the Summit: Building a plan for a rural economic revival in Butte

Photo Credit: Bernard Gagnon


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Bay Area Council Economic Institute
Chico Stewardship Network
Inland Empire
Inland Empire Economic Partnership
Los Angeles
Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation
Lone Tree in Monterey Monterey Bay
Monterey Bay Economic Partnership
Orange County
Orange County Business Council
Redwood Coast
Redwood Coast Rural Action
Valley Vision
San Diego
San Diego Economic Development Corp.
San Joaquin Valley
Fresno Business Council & California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley
San Luis Obispo
San Luis Obispo Economic Vitality Corp.
Redwood Coast Rural Action
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Tahoe Prosperity Center & Sierra Business Council
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Silicon Valley Leadership Group
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