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Regional Partners: Valley Vision

Valley Vision an independent, 501c3 nonprofit headquartered in Sacramento, CA, that provides research, collaboration, and leadership services to make California's Capital Region prosperous and sustainable. We behave like a "social enterprise," combining the rigor of a for-profit business with the passion of a nonprofit to drive large scale initiatives to success.

We have three unique capacities. The first is the ability to deliver independent, unbiased, and trusted research and factual reports to inform local decision-making on virtually any topic. The second is our unique ability to recruit, manage and drive big initiatives led by business, government, education, and community leaders that tackle complex problems affecting our quality of life here. Examples range widely, and include everything from creating a better environment for entrepreneurs to grow jobs, to improving healthy food access for school kids, to taking collective actions that fight air pollution. We are driven by a growth and opportunity agenda. The third is access to a set of powerful leadership networks that starts with our own 30 member VIP board and expands out to over 6,000 change agents across 7,700 miles of Northern California. You might be one of them.

Counties represented: Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, El Dorado, Yuba and Sutter

Regional Snapshot:

View a Next 10 snapshot of the Sacramento's key demographic and economic trends, including population demographics, education attainment, household income, employment change by industry, unemployment levels, and job gains and losses.

Summit Briefing Book

Regional Forum Stories:

Road to the Summit: Tale of two economies in capital region

Photo Credit: Violeta Vaquiero


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