Matthew Grant Anson

Staff Reporter

Matthew Grant Anson currently attends Whittier College, where he is the managing editor of the school paper. While abroad in Denmark, he interned at the Copenhagen Post as music-subeditor. For CAFwd, he generally covers millennials, education, and the economy.


Skills gap set to grow in California’s agricultural regions
High-skilled workers in demand in farms of today Read More

California economy faces shortage of college graduate workers
Lt. Gov. Newsom and others talking about 1 million graduate gap Read More

Report: California failing to fund its water infrastructure
More diverse strategy needed to pay for state water system Read More

New report details price of films fleeing California
Cost of when "Battle Los Angeles" isn't filmed in L.A. Read More

Report presents a case for cautious optimism for California economy
But regions remain the key Read More

Los Angeles thinks outside the box at tackling sidewalk disrepair
The plan revives a 50/50 program introduced in 2004 Read More

Report: California economy’s strengths and weaknesses persist
Strong education strategy would address income inequality Read More

Los Angeles transportation needs more bang for buck
How far you get in LA less important than what you get to Read More

Low math and science scores put drag on California economy
STEM scores linked to economic growth Read More

Bond would address holey streets in the City of Angels
Measure to fix L.A. roads moving through City Council Read More

Patent no longer pending: Patent office in Silicon Valley gets a permanent home
Office deal for USPTO should help with backlog Read More

Los Angeles one step closer to citywide Wi-Fi
LA would join San Jose and Riverside Read More

ICT jobs in California ripe for the picking
People just need to qualify for them Read More

Plan for Valley looks to rewrite L.A.‘s car centrism
Revamped transit & housing plan for San Fernando Valley sets standard Read More

State Auditor eyes California’s crumbling infrastructure in assessment of state
Infrastructure is a high-risk issue Read More

Computer literacy key to middle class jobs in California
Computers still don’t match up with humans when it comes to problem solving abilities Read More

California bills tackle digital divide head-on
The two bills each come at the issue from different angles  Read More

State revamps one-stop-shop for permits, goes mobile
Creating CalGOLD in the first place is significant but that’s only part of the battle Read More

Economist: Getting people into middle-class jobs good for their health
What do you think is the number one factor when measuring a region's public health? Read More

Creating jobs isn’t rocket science…or is it all science?
There’s good news, and there’s…more good news?  Read More

One in five Americans have no access to Internet
Unacceptable as we move further into the 21st century Read More

Schools and roads driven to top in survey
California's infrastructure plays a big part in quality of life and economic vitality here Read More

Free Wi-Fi in Los Angeles means jobs, not just more tweets
It isn't just about convenience; it's about bridging a growing digital divide  Read More

Californians willing to pay for infrastructure improvements
Findings show importance of infrastructure to residents and economy Read More

New reports on state jobs data make California’s week
Sequester still looms but state adds 30K jobs Read More

New survey reveals importance of Internet infrastructure to Californians
56 percent believe those without broadband are at a major disadvantage Read More

Tourism industry key to California’s economic health
2012 saw the generation of $2.5 billion in local taxes and $4.1 billion in state taxes Read More

Road to the Summit:  Perception versus reality of Los Angeles economy
LA forum stresses innovation  Read More

California economy gets measured up against other states
Compare 50 graphs the figures. Read More

From overseas to the streets: Homeless veterans search for jobs
"They're looking for pretty much anything – they all want to work" Read More

Coachella music festival is the rock star of the Indio economy
The festival brings $90 million into Indio's economy Read More